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Gilead Sciences announces $5 billion in stock repurchase financing

Gilead Sciences has authorized a repurchase of up to $5 billion of the company’s common stock.

Gilead Sciences partnering

Gilead Sciences is a top pharmaceutical company based in California, USA

Gilead Partnering: Scientific breakthrough a product of collaboration

Gilead Sciences is a top biopharma company active in partnering, licensing and M&A in biopharmaceuticals

Gilead Sciences: Partnering activity 2005-2013

Gilead Sciences announced over 60 partnering / licensing deals since 2005, with 20 deals in 2006 alone. Analysis of the partnering deals shows a strong emphasis on partnerships in infectives diseases

Gilead Sciences: M&A activity 2005-2013

Gilead Sciences has also announced 9 M&A deals since 2005, with the lead deals being the acquisition of Pharmasset and Myogen

Gilead Sciences: Company Profile

return to top 50 pharma list | return to top 50 biotech list Gilead Sciences, a top biopharmaceutical company, is reviewed in terms of partnering, licensing and M&A interests and activity over recent years

Gilead and Cancer Genetics are biopharma partners

Cancer Genetics and Gilead Sciences, a big pharma company, are now biopharma partners where Cancer Genetics is providing clinical trial services and molecular profiling of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients.

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