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Our mission

Our mission is to provide ready and affordable access to business intelligence information across the life sciences, allowing companies to better prepare for negotiations and understand the potential deal structures available to them.

Current Partnering: The source of best practice for dealmakers

Current Partnering was established in 2007 and has become the leading publisher of deal term reports within the life sciences. Designed to translate research into commercial success, Current Partnering provides an opportunity for the dissemination of the latest trends in partnering activity across the life sciences.

Current Partnering report titles cover all aspects of partnering best practice and deal terms, providing users with the information and insight required to optimise their partnering activities.

Current Agreements: Powerful intelligence for dealmakers

Current Agreements is a premium subscription database providing comprehensive business information and intelligence, with access to thousands of contract documents and giving coverage of all deals and alliances across the Life Sciences sector dating as far back as 2000.

The database comprises of thousands of individual deal, alliance and M&A records providing a detailed description and categorisation of each deal component. Every deal record is supported by extensive source material such as press releases, SEC disclosures and contract documents, company presentations and other company sourced disclosures where available; ensuring the user can be confident the data presented can be verified if necessary. Please visit the website at http://www.currentagreements.com .

About Biopharma Research Ltd.

Biopharma Research Ltd is the company behind the brands Current Partnering and Current Agreements.

Current Partnering was established in 2007 to offer an objective and informal business tool for business development executives, providing an opportunity for the dissemination of the latest trends in partnering activity within the biopharma sector.

Wildwood Ventures' people are passionate about what they do and never forget that science has contributed much to their own lives as well as to the world we live in today.

Current Partnering is a trademark of Biopharma Research Ltd.

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