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Manufacturing and Supply partnering: global trends in pharma industry

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The article here analyses the recent manufacturing and supply partnering trends in the pharma industry. A supply or manufacturing agreement is normally between a product manufacturer and product owner in which an owner outsources the manufacture and supply of its product(s) to the service company in a defined territory. Read the full story


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Supply is the provision of goods for use or sale in response to a request or demand for the goods Read the full story

Biotech deal for $515 million for supply agreement

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Varian Medical Systems signed a biotech deal for 3 year supply agreement.  Read the full story

Supply agreement between Arena Pharmaceutical and Eisai

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Arena and Eisai have entered into a marketing and supply agreement for  $1.796 billion, if all option are exercised.  Read the full story

Menarini pharma deals Vivus for SPEDRA licensing

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VIVUS enters pharma deals with big pharma Menarini for license of SPEDRA in over 40 European countries plus Australia and New Zealand and supply agreement. Read the full story

Pharma licencing deal with Teva and Alexza for Adasuve

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Teva Pharmaceuticals and Alexza Pharmaceuticals  have entered into an exclusive U.S. pharma licencing deal and supply agreement for ADASUVE. Read the full story

Manufacturing and supply agreements: recent life sciences partnering deal trends

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Manufacturing and supply agreements have long been present in the pharmaceutical industry, as companies have sought external expertise for manufacturing and supply of finished product. Read the full story

Big pharma Mylan announces supply of antiretroviral drugs to NACO in India

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Mylan, a top big pharma announced that its India-based subsidiary Mylan Laboratories Limited has been selected as a leading supplier of antiretroviral drugs to India's National AIDS Control Organization .

Daxor announces that the Mayo Clinic acquires BVA-100 blood volume analyzer

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Daxor announced the receipt of a signed trial agreement from the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This agreement will provide the Mayo Clinic with a Blood Volume Analyzer-100 (BVA-100), an instrument which enables semi-automated measurement of a patient's total blood volume, red blood cell volume and plasma volume.  Read the full story

Pfizer outlines its supply strategy

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By Patricia Van Arnum.

John Kelly, Vice President of strategy and transitioning sites for Pfizer Global Supply, discusses the company's manufacturing and supply strategy and network.  Read the full story