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Chugai Pharmaceutical: Partnering activity 2009-2014

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Chugai Pharmaceutical, headquartered in Japan, is a subsidiary of Roche, having operations in Asia, Europe and North America. This company is now ranked as a Top 50 Pharma company by Current Partnering. Read the full story

Chugai Pharmaceutical Ltd – Japan’s number one biopharmaceutical company

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Chugai Pharmaceutical manufactures, sells, imports and exports pharmaceuticals and has become the leading biopharmaceutical company in Japan. Read the full story

Top biopharma partnering deals of 2013

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Deals, deals, deals everywhere and 2013 saw its fair share too; the pharmaceutical and biotech industry signed 3,122 between them which averaged out to 260 per month in a year that finished with a flurry of high valued deals. Read the full story