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Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights published by the WTO. Read the full story

Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC)


SPCs, which were introduced by European legislation, may be granted to extend the period of protection... Read the full story

Patent expiry


Expiry of a patent is a matter that is sometimes difficult to determine. Normally, a patent has... Read the full story



Any useful innovation or discovery. Read the full story



Abbreviation for Intellectual Property Rights. Read the full story

Intellectual Property Rights


Patents, designs, trademarks and other know-how rights owned by one of the parties. Read the full story

European pharma seen rising from the ashes in mid-2012

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Written by Sten Stovall for WSJ.

Investment prospects for Europe’s big drug makers look set to improve dramatically from mid-2012, despite the gloomy backdrop facing the sector as the year begins.  Read the full story

Patents for life

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By Michael Kock, European Patent Attorney, Head IP – Seeds and Biotechnology, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland  Read the full story

Big Pharma seeks to insulate itself from impact of ‘patent cliff’

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As the pharmaceutical industry hurtles ever closer towards the ‘patent cliff’, Big Pharma* is busy implementing strategies to lessen the impact of the loss of patent protection on some of the industry’s biggest sellers on their collective bottom lines. Read the full story

Opportunity knocks for big pharmaceutical companies in the credit crunch

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Although the credit crunch has left non-financial services companies, including those in the biotechnology industry, without cheap debt, the pharmaceutical industry avoided relying on this resource and has remained cash-rich. As a result, pharmaceutical companies should weather the financial storm and be able to make significant acquisitions, unlike their biotechnology counterparts. Read the full story