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When de-risking, relationships matter: How using key strategies can get you to your next innovative partnership

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An interview with Richard Brudnick, Senior VP, Corporate Development, Biogen

De-risking has evolved from literature searches to the cultivation of many wide-ranging relationships throughout the life sciences strata, according to Richard Brudnick, Senior VP, Corporate Development at Biogen. In a recent interview, Brudnick outlined key strategies to accessing innovation and “de-risking” risk through collaboration. Read the full story

Bayer and Isis in ISIS-FXIRx licensing pact

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Bayer HealthCare has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Isis Pharmaceuticals on ISIS-FXIRx Read the full story

Roche and 4D Molecular partner for AAV vectors

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4D Molecular Therapeutics announced a collaboration and license agreement with Roche to discover and develop optimized next-generation AAV vectors Read the full story

AstraZeneca and Innate Pharma in IPH2201 deal

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Innate Pharma has signed a co-development and commercialization agreement with AstraZeneca Read the full story

Roche and Curevac partner for IDO1 and TDO inhibitors

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Curadev Pharma has entered into a research collaboration and license agreement with Roche for development and commercialization of IDO1 and TDO inhibitors Read the full story

Merck and Tetralogic in solid tumor clinical pact

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TetraLogic and Merck will collaborate on a Phase 1 study Read the full story

Takeda and CiRA enter iPS cell research pact

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Center for iPS Cell Research Application (CiRA) of Kyoto University and Takeda Pharmaceutical will work together to develop clinical applications of induced pluripotent stem cells Read the full story

MedImmune and Immunocore partner for melanoma combinations

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Immunocore will conduct a Phase Ib/II clinical trial combining checkpoint inhibitors MEDI4736 (anti-PD-L1) and/or tremelimumab (anti-CTLA-4) with IMCgp100 Read the full story

Lilly snags rights to Erbitux from BMS

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Eli Lilly and Bristol-Myers Squibb announced that the companies have agreed to transfer rights to Erbitux (cetuximab) in North America Read the full story

Ventana and Astellas in automated tissue diagnostics pact

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Ventana Medical Systems has entered into master collaboration agreement with Astellas Pharma to develop novel automated tissue diagnostics Read the full story