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Big Pharma, Astellas collaborates with Starlight Childeren’s foundation

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Big pharma, Astellas is again partnering with Starlight Children's Foundation ("Starlight"), a leading global charity that partners with experts to improve the life and health of kids and families around the world through a unique blend of family-centered services from hospital to home. Read the full story

Cancer Research Technology pharma deals Teva Pharmaceuticals for cancer drugs

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Cancer Research Technology and Teva Pharmaceutical have entered pharma deals and signed a multi-project alliance agreement to research and develop first-in-class cancer drugs that modulate DNA damage and repair response processes in cancer cells. Read the full story

Bayer Healthcare pharma partners the Broad Institute for Oncogenomics and drug disovery

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Bayer HealthCare has entered a strategic alliance with pharma partners, the Broad Institute, in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the area of oncogenomics and drug discovery. Read the full story

The Proton Therapy Center biotech deals Provision Healthcare for RayStation supply

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RaySearch Laboratories has entered biotech deals for its RayStation treatment planning system with Provision Center for Proton Therapy. Read the full story

Abbott Laboratories in joint venture for blood donations

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Abbott is partnering with the non-profit organization Music Saves Lives for a joint venture to encourage young adults to consider becoming life-long donors. Read the full story

Sanofi big pharma deals with non-profit Curie-Cancer for ovarian cancer research

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Sanofi, a big pharma company, and Curie-Cancer have entered pharma deals in a three-year research collaboration to identify new therapeutic targets for the development of treatments for ovarian cancer.  Read the full story

Takeda big pharma deals with AGA in $1.5 million of grants

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The American Gastroenterological Association has entered pharma deals with Takeda Pharmaceuticals gaining $1.5 million in unrestricted grantsRead the full story

Abbott signs joint research and licensing agreement with DNDi

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The Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative and Abbott have signed a four-year joint research and non-exclusive licensing agreement to undertake research on new treatments for several of the world's most neglected tropical diseases, including Chagas disease, helminth infections, leishmaniasis and sleeping sickness.  Read the full story

Non-profits share valuable lessons on efficient drug development

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When Tachi Yamada left the pharmaceutical industry in 2006 to become head of global health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he was sceptical about the non-profit medical partnerships that the businessman-turned-philanthropist had been funding extensively. Read the full story

Nature Biotechnology: Biopharma Dealmakers Nov. 2010


Current Agreements used as the source for data for a survey of non-profit deals and alliances within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
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