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Dermatology partnering – recent deals analysis 2009-2014

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Partnering in the last decade has seen an increase in dermatology with an rise specifically in modern diagnostic technologies. Read the full story

Biopharmaceuticals: The 2011 Health Care Value Creators Report

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Written by Michael Ringel, Colm Foley and Olivier Wierzba for Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
The five-year period covered in this report was a stormy time for the bio-pharma sector. While sales growth remained strong, expectations for future growth declined significantly. P/E ratios for large-cap biopharma, a formidable 35x in 2000, plunged to 11x by 2010.
The challenges underlying this decline are well known and include pricing and access pressures, higher scientific hurdles, more-stringent regulatory thresholds, and intensifying competition. The average return on investment (ROI) in R&D for new products—the lifeblood of the sector—is now below the cost of capital, making average R&D value destroying. However, performance on this measure varied widely during our study period, and some companies consistently found ways tobeat the average.

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The 2011 Health Care Value Creators: How can healthcare companies create more value?

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The 2011 Healthcare Value Creators Report. Written by Michael Ringel, Colm Foley and Olivier Wierzba for Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Strength in the Storm: How Biopharmaceutical and Medical Technology Companies Can Create Value in a Challenging Business Environment builds on the thirteenth annual report in the Value Creators series published by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).   Read the full story