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Partnering Agreements with Genmab

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The Partnering Agreements with Genmab report provides an in-depth insight into the partnering interests and activities of one of the worlds leading biopharma companies. Read the full story

OMT joins in a pharma alliance with Genmab

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Open Monoclonal Technology announced an pharma alliance with Genmab. Read the full story

Genmab: Partnering activity 2009-2014

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Genmab, a top big biotech company, headquartered in Denmark is one of the leaders today in the human antibody therapeutics market for cancer treatment. Read the full story

Genmab: Rapidly progressing in the field of antibodies

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Genmab is an internationally recognised biotechnology company developing human antibody therapeutics primarily for cancer. Read the full story

Genmab has raised $183 million in private financing

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Genmab has raised gross proceeds of DKK 998 million ($183 million) following pricing of its previously announced private placement financing. Read the full story

Genmab receives $1 million milestone in biotech deals with Janssen

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Genmab has reached another milestone in its DuoBody technology platform biotech deals with Janssen Biotech and its affiliates, triggering a $1 million payment. Read the full story

Genmab big biotech deals with ADC Therapeutics for oncology drug development

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Genmab, a big biotech company, and ADC Therapeutics have entered biotech deals for the co-development of a new antibody-drug conjugate product combining Genmab’s HuMax-TAC antibody and ADC Therapeutics’ PBD-based warhead and linker technology. Read the full story

Genmab: Company profile


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Janssen inks biotech partnering with Genmab for antibody development

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Genmab and Janssen Biotech, both big biotech companies has agreed to collaborate in biotech partnering agreement to create and develop antibodies using its DuoBody technology platform and will receive an upfront payment of $3.5 million.

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