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Agilis Biotherapeutics enters license agreement with the University of South Florida

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Agilis Biotherapeutics has entered into an exclusive worldwide license agreement with the University of South Florida for the treatment of using gene therapy technology developed by Edwin Weeber, PhD, Director of the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory and Chief Scientific Officer at the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer's Research Institute at the University of South Florida, and one of the world’s foremost AS investigators. Read the full story

Gene Therapy Partnering Terms and Agreements


The Gene Therapy Partnering Agreements report provides an understanding and access to the gene therapy partnering deals and agreements entered into by the worlds leading healthcare companies. Read the full story

Regeneron and Avalanche sign Pharma alliance for $640 million

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Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Avalanche Biotechnologies announced the formation of a broad collaboration to discover, develop and commercialize novel gene therapy products for the treatment of ophthalmologic diseases. Read the full story

Gene therapy partnering

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Gene therapy is the use of DNA as a pharmaceutical agent to treat disease Read the full story

Genzyme in biotech deals with AskBio for gene therapy licensing

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Genzyme biotech deals AskBio in a licensing agreement for duplex gene therapy vector technology.  Read the full story