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Quotient BioDiagnostics pulls in $27 million financing

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Quotient has entered into agreements to issue to certain subscribers 2,000,000 ordinary shares at $9.50 per share and 850,000 pre-funded warrants at $9.49 per warrant, exercisable for up to 850,000 ordinary shares at $0.01 per ordinary share Read the full story

Abbvie and Enterome partner on novel diagnostic products to support personalized therapies

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ENTEROME Bioscience has entered into a collaborative development agreement with AbbVie Read the full story

LabCorp has acquired Covance for $6.1 billion

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Laboratory Corporation of America acquired Covance for $6.1 billion. Read the full story

Molecular Diagnostics Partnering Terms and Agreements

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The Molecular Diagnostics Partnering Terms and Agreements report provides a detailed understanding and analysis of how and why companies enter molecular diagnostics partnering deals. Read the full story

Diagnostic Imaging Partnering Terms and Agreements

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The Diagnostic Imaging Partnering Terms and Agreements report provides comprehensive understanding and unprecedented access to the diagnostic imaging partnering agreements entered into by the worlds leading healthcare companies. Read the full story

Licensing agreement for biomarker SF3B1

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QIAGEN sees potential for developing companion diagnostics to guide treatment with new anti-cancer compounds under development that target QIAGEN announced it has acquired an exclusive global license to the biomarker SF3B1 from the University of Tokyo. Read the full story



Diagnostics are any kind of medical test performed to aid in the diagnosis or detection of disease. Read the full story

Aveo and Biodesix sign a pharma alliance for companion diagnostic test

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AVEO Oncology and Biodesix entered into a worldwide pharma alliance to develop and commercialize AVEO’s hepatocyte growth factor inhibitory antibody ficlatuzumab, with a Biodesix companion diagnostic test. Read the full story

Licensing agreement for PARE diagnostic test

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Personal Genome Diagnostics has licensed exclusive rights to a technology known as PARE from Johns Hopkins University that is enabling the company to successfully analyze cell-free tumor DNA circulating in patients’ blood. Read the full story

Collaborative R&D for prostate cancer prognostic test

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Definiens and Metamark Genetics announced a multi-year agreement covering use of the Definiens image analysis solution for the ProMark. Read the full story