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Regenerative Medicine deal trends article

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The field of regenerative medicine is an up and coming new approach of targeting and treating diseases, it involves the repair and restoration of previously damaged tissues or organs in the body. The regenerative medicine market was worth $16bn in 2013 and industry analysts predict that this will leap to over $60bn by 2020. The idea of regenerating tissues has caused much excitement, as it offers huge potential to change the face of medicine. Read the full story

Joint venture deal trends among life sciences companies

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Joint venture partnering is a specific type of deal whereby the parties to the deal agree to form a legal third party entity, normally under the joint control of the parties to the deal, to jointly fund and develop a compound, product or technology. Read the full story

Oncology partnering – recent deals analysis 2009-2014

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Partnering in the last decade has seen an increase in oncology partnering with an increase in modern diagnostic technologies, according to recent partnering deals analysis Read the full story