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CSL: Protecting patients globally with vaccines and plasma products

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CSL is a large speciality biopharmaceutical company developing and manufacturing plasma products and vaccines to treat and protect patients worldwide. Read the full story

CSL: Partnering activity 2005-2013

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CSL is a global pharma company active in the development of vaccines and plasma proteins with a prime focus on influenza vaccine - partnering, collaborative R&D and licensing activity of CSL is reviewed here.

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Vivaldi Biosciences biotech partners with Baxter for influenza vaccine assets

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Vivaldi Biosciences has acquired from Baxter Healthcare research and development assets, including intellectual property, clinical data, know-how and materials, for LAIVs in which the gene for influenza nonstructural protein 1 has been fully deleted Read the full story

DCPrime in biotech licensing deal with Janssen

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DCPrime has entered into a research and optional biotech licensing agreement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals Read the full story

Dealtalk: Novartis said to want out of Indian vaccines venture

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In dealtalk, Novartis plans to exit an eight-year-old vaccines joint venture with India's Panacea Biotec and intends to go it alone. Read the full story

Pfizer signs pharmaceutical deals for Prevenar 13 conjugate vaccine

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Pfizer,a big pharma company, signs pharmaceutical deals to provide additional doses of Prevenar 13 (Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine [13-valent, adsorbed]), the company’s 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, for use in infants and young children to help protect against pneumococcal disease1 in the world’s poorest countries under the terms of the Advance Market Commitment. Read the full story

Pharma rumor mill: GlaxoSmithKline forges ahead with hunt for Chinese vaccine partners

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In the pharma rumor mill: GlaxoSmithKline may be suffering through a corruption scandal in China, but that hasn't interfered with its plans to team up with a Chinese company on vaccines. Read the full story

Boehringer Ingelheim in biotech deals with Valneva for EB66 licensing

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Valneva has entered biotech deals with Boehringer Ingelheim for the licensing of EB66 cell line for the development of animal health vaccines. Read the full story

Novartis big pharma deals Biological E in typhoid vaccine licensing deal

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Novartis has entered a development and licensing pharma deals agreement with Biological E for two vaccines to protect against typhoid and paratyphoid fevers, classed as tropical diseases Read the full story

Novovax in M&A deals for Isconova acquisition

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Novavax in M&A deals with the $29.6 million acquisition of Isconova, a company focused on vaccines systems in the human and veterinary markets. Read the full story