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Big Pharma, Teva maybe ready for an acquisition

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Turmoil continues at big pharma, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, which this week tried to dispel a report of company expectations of a dramatic decline in profit for its best-selling drug, and last week was suggested to be a possible takeover target by other drugmakers. Read the full story

Big Pharma, Teva pays $565 million in taxes

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Teva, a big pharma in Israel, pays the Israel government $565 million taxes due to trapped profits.  Read the full story

Cancer Research Technology pharma deals Teva Pharmaceuticals for cancer drugs

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Cancer Research Technology and Teva Pharmaceutical have entered pharma deals and signed a multi-project alliance agreement to research and develop first-in-class cancer drugs that modulate DNA damage and repair response processes in cancer cells. Read the full story

Champions Oncology biotech deals Teva Pharmaceuticals for oncology collaboration

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Champions Oncology has entered into biotech deals with Teva Pharmaceuticals for drug discovery and development in oncology. Read the full story

Collaborative R&D agreement to develop personalized oncology drugs using TumorGraft technology platform

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Champions Oncology and Teva Sign a Discovery and Drug Development Partnership Read the full story

Teva does not use option from Rexahn pharma deals

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Rexahn Pharmaceuticals announced that Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has decided, for strategic reasons, not to exercise its option to license RX-3117 from Rexahn from previous pharma deals. Read the full story

Dealtalk: Teva’s Levin – We’re looking to expand to Brazil and China

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In Dealtalk, Teva's CEO has expressed that the big pharma company are looking to expand into Brazil and China. Read the full story

Teva enters global pharma partnering for Huntington’s treatment

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Teva Pharmaceutical Industries announced the formation of a global pharma partnering  research collaboration to create a comprehensive understanding and drive insights into neuroprotective therapeutic approaches in Huntington disease Read the full story

Teva and pharma partners Lonza discontinue joint venture

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Pharma partners, Teva Pharmaceutical and Lonza Group, have decided to discontinue their collaboration for the development, manufacturing and marketing of biosimilars. Read the full story

Teva in joint venture with pharma partners for novel therapeutic approches in neurodegenerative diseases

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Teva has entered into a new joint venture with pharma partners for novel therapeutic approaches in neurodegenerative diseases. Read the full story