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Pharma licensing deal of $162 million by Biomarin

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Biomarin has entered into a pharma licensing deal with religen for its HDACs for $162 million. Read the full story

Cellular Dynamics inks pharma licensing deals agreement for MyCell Products line

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In a pharma licensing deals agreement, Cellular Dynamics International has expanded its MyCell Products line, offering access to a number of human disease models and licensing key genetic engineering patents from Life Technologies and Sigma-Aldrich Read the full story

GSK inks pharma licensing deals with Renaissance Acquisition Holdings

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Renaissance Acquisition Holdings and GlaxoSmithKline, a big pharma company  have entered into pharma licensing deals agreement giving Renaissance the rights in the USA to manufacture, market and sell six dermatology and three anti-viral products from GSK Read the full story

Big pharma mega partnering: fewer $1 billion plus deals

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Big pharma partnering has often been focussed on the ‘mega deal’ where the value of the deal exceeds $1 billion Read the full story