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In a M&A deal, Gilead Sciences acquired YM Biosciences for $510 million

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Gilead Sciences and YM BioSciences have signed a definitive m&a agreement under which Gilead will acquire YM for U.S.$2.95 per share in cash. Read the full story

Pharma licensing approval for Gilead Sciences, HIV drug Viread in EU

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A pharma licensing authorization was approved for Gilead Sciences, HIV drug, Viread by European Commission Read the full story

Gilead Sciences collaborates with Indian pharma partners for antiretroviral therapy

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Gilead Sciences, together with Mylan Laboratories, Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited and Strides Arcolab, have entered into a pharma partners agreements to collaborate on promoting access to high-quality, low-cost generic versions of Gilead’s HIV medicine emtricitabine in developing countries – including single tablet regimens containing emtricitabine, and fixed-dose combinations of emtricitabine co-formulated with other Gilead HIV medicines.

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Gilead acquires Pharmasset in $11 billion mega bet on interferon-free drugs

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Gilead has acquired Pharmasset for a massive $11 billion, in one of the biggest acquisition deals of 2011 Read the full story

Gilead buys biologics plant from Genentech

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Gilead has announced that the company will purchase a clinical biologics manufacturing facility and certain process development assets located in Oceanside, California from Genentech. Read the full story