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Supply agreement between Arena Pharmaceutical and Eisai

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Arena and Eisai have entered into a marketing and supply agreement for  $1.796 billion, if all option are exercised. Read the full story

Eisai: Successfully partnering at both ends of the drug development scale

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Japanese based pharmaceutical company Eisai discovers, develops and manufactures prescription pharmaceuticals, OTC products and pharmaceutical production systems for the treatment of unmet medical needs around the world. Read the full story

Eisai: M&A activity 2005-2013

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Eisai has announced 3  M&A deals since 2005, the deals being the acquisitions of AkaRx, MGI Pharma and Morphotek. Read the full story

Eisai: Partnering activity 2005-2013

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Eisai announced over 90 partnering / licensing deals since 2005. Analysis of the partnering deals shows a strong emphasis on partnerships in oncology and central nervous system diseases. Read the full story

Eisai: Company Profile

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Eisai, a top pharmaceutical company, is reviewed in terms of partnering, licensing and M&A interests and activity over recent years Read the full story

Eisai pharma alliances with GE Healthcare for Alzheimers

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GE Healthcare pharma alliances with Eisai, a big pharma company, for use of the GE Healthcare investigational PET amyloid imaging agent, flutemetamol, to help select patients for a phase I clinical trial being conducted by Eisai. Read the full story

Big pharma alliances for infectious diseases drug development

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Five Japanese life sciences giants pharma alliances with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Japan’s government to develop new medicines, vaccines, and diagnostics for infectious diseases in developing countries. Read the full story

Eisai pharma alliances with DSM for developmental drugs

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DSM Pharmaceutical Products announced the signing of a 3 year master supply agreement announcing pharma alliances with Eisai., a big pharma company Read the full story

Pharma alliances partnership on cards between Eisai and UCL for neuroscience research

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UCL and the Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai announce a pharma alliances agreement to establish a major drug discovery and development collaboration. Read the full story

Biogen Idec calls for pharma partners pact with Eisai

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Biogen Idec and Eisai will bolster the manufacturing capabilities of both companies Research Triangle Park-based facilities by signing a pharma partners agreement to boost research and other areas.

Under the terms of the pharma partners agreement, Biogen Idec will lease a portion of the Eisai facility to manufacture oral solid dose products for both companies.

The pharma partners deal stated that Eisai will provide Biogen Idec with vial-filling services for biologic therapies and packaging services for oral solid dose products.

The 10-year lease agreement gives Biogen Idec the option to purchase the Eisai oral solid dose facility.

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