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Baxter enters into a pharma licencing deal for $172 million

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Baxter International and Cell Therapeutics have entered into an exclusive worldwide pharma licensing deal to develop and commercialize pacritinib for $172 million. Read the full story

Vivaldi Biosciences biotech partners with Baxter for influenza vaccine assets

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Vivaldi Biosciences has acquired from Baxter Healthcare research and development assets, including intellectual property, clinical data, know-how and materials, for LAIVs in which the gene for influenza nonstructural protein 1 has been fully deleted Read the full story

Baxter M&A deals FlowSense in $9.5 million acquisition

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Baxter Healthcare M&A deals FlowSense for the acquisition of the company for around $9.5 million. Read the full story

Baxter and Coherus are pharma partners for biosimilar development

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Baxter International, a big pharma company,  and Coherus Biosciences are pharma partners by entering into an exclusive collaboration to develop and commercialize a biosimilar to etanercept for Europe, Canada, Brazil and certain other markets Read the full story

Partnering with Baxter: A leader in healthcare

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Baxter is a top pharmaceutical company active in partnering, licensing and M&A in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology Read the full story

Baxter: Partnering activity 2005-2013

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Baxter announced over 70 partnering / licensing deals since 2005, with 15 deals in 2007 alone Read the full story

Baxter: M&A activity 2005-2013

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Baxter is involved in M&A activity for growth similar to its peers in the list of top pharmaceutical companies Read the full story

Baxter: Company Profile

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Baxter is a global healthcare company with expertise in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology Read the full story

Baxter pharma deals on peritoneal dialysis development with CNIHA

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Big pharma company Baxter pharma deals with Government to Increase Access to Renal Therapy and dialysis. Read the full story

Ipsen & Inspiration pharma alliances with Baxter

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Baxter International has agreed to enter in a pharma alliances deal with Ipsen and Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals.

Read the full story