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Big pharmas, Astellas and Daiichi, collaborate for compound library

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Big pharmas Astellas Pharma and Daiichi Sankyo announced the companies would form a compound library sharing partnership for approximately 400,000 selected compounds. Read the full story

Astellas signs a pharma deal with Cumberland Pharma

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Cumberland Pharmaceuticals announced a pharma deal for the acquisition of Vaprisol from Astellas Pharma US. Read the full story

Astellas partnering: Teams that change tomorrow

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Astellas partnering - engaged in the discovery, development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products worldwide Read the full story

Astellas partnering activity 2005-2013

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Astellas announced over 110 partnering / licensing deals since 2005, with 12 deals in 2012 alone Read the full story

Astellas: M&A activity 2005-2013

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Astellas has announced only 2 M&A deals since 2005, with the acquisition of Agensys and OSI Pharmaceuticals Read the full story

Astellas big pharma deals Cytokinetics for collaborative R&D and marketing of skeletal muscle activators

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Cytokinetics and Astellas Pharma announced pharma deals for a collaboration focused on the research, development and commercialization of skeletal muscle activators. Read the full story

Astellas looking to sell dermatology assets in pharma rumor mill

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Japan's big pharma, Astellas, looks to sell dermatology assets according to pharma rumor mill sources. Read the full story

Amgen big pharma deals Astellas in Amgen Astellas Biopharma joint venture

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Amgen has entered into big pharma deals with Astellas in creating a joint venture names Amgen Astellas Biopharma. Read the full story

Amgen proposes biotech business development with Astellas

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Amgen, a top big pharma and big biotech company, entered into a long-term collaboration proposing a biotech business development with Astellas and will form a joint venture with the Japanese drugmaker to provide new medicines in Japan. Read the full story

Astellas pharma alliances with the National Pharmaceutical Council

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The National Pharmaceutical Council announced that Astellas has joined the pharma alliances of the health policy research organization as its newest member. Read the full story