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Australian watchdog clears Novartis bid for Alcon

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Australia's competition watchdog cleared Novartis AG's planned buyout of Alcon Laboratories, after Novartis agreed to sell one of Alcon's products to eye care company Bausch & Lomb in Australia.

Strong Q2 prompts new call for higher Alcon bid

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Alcon's independent directors must be grinning, now that the company has posted street-beating second-quarter earnings. Read the full story

Alcon IDC earmarks $50m for possible Novartis suit

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Alcon's independent directors are upping the ante in their squabble with Novartis. Read the full story

Novartis faces new obstacle in Alcon deal

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Novartis may come to regret its lower-than-expected offer to Alcon's minority shareholders. A legal expert hired by the board's independent director committee has decreed that the group has to back Novartis' offer for the buyout to go through Read the full story

Synergetics signs $32 million licensing deal with Alcon

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Signing of a pair of agreements with Alcon Laboratories, Inc. granting Alcon a license to sell certain products manufactured by Synergetics for worldwide distribution on a co-exclusive basis throughout the extensive Alcon network and covering the terms of supply of such products to Alcon by Synergetics. The agreements also settle all litigation between Synergetics and Alcon. Read the full story

Future of ophthalmic research to be influenced by anti-sense technology

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The ophthalmic research industry has been given a major boost recently with the news that GlaxoSmithKline and Isis Pharma have announced a $1.5 billion collaboration to license the Isis anti-sense drug discovery platform to develop therapies for ophthalmic diseases. Read the full story

Alcon to purchase ophthalmic pharmaceutical assets from Sirion Therapeutics

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The two products purchased are Durezol, a marketed ophthalmic corticosteroid approved for the treatment of inflammation and pain associated with eye surgery, and Zirgan, a recently approved antiviral for the treatment of acute herpetic keratitis (corneal ulcers). Read the full story

Novartis seeks to buy rest of Alcon Laboratories for $39 billion

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Exercised its option to purchase the remaining shares in Alcon, Inc. owned by Nestle S.A. at a weighted average price of US$180 per share in cash. The exercise is pursuant to an agreement between Nestle and Novartis that was executed on April 7, 2008. Read the full story

Alcon to acquire ESBATech

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Alcon will pay ESBATech shareholders $150 million in cash at closing, plus contingent payments of up to $439 million based upon the achievement of future research and development milestones that would be expected to create value for Alcon.

Alcon and AstraZeneca to collaborate on eye drug development

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The agreement matches Alcon’s specific ophthalmic research capability with AstraZeneca’s rich drug libraries and covers multiple classes of small molecules with lead compounds that already have been identified to have a strong scientific rationale for utility in ophthalmic disease. Read the full story