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Partnering Agreements with Genzyme

This report provides all the information you require to better understand Genzyme and its partnering interests and activities over the past seven years.


Big pharma Sanofi Looks Like Genzyme as CEO Embraces Biotech

Workers at Sanofi, a top big pharma company had a message for politicians at protests in Paris this month

Genzyme: Company Profile

Genzyme, a pioneer in the development and delivery of transformative therapies for over 30 years, is reviewed in terms of partnering, licensing and M&A interests and activity over recent years

Sanofi – Genzyme deal finally goes through

French drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis has finally struck a deal to acquire U.S. biotech company Genzyme for $20.1 billion plus future payments based on the performance of Genzyme’s experimental multiple sclerosis drug, Lemtrada.

Will Sanofi, Genzyme chiefs talk deal at JPMorgan?

Could it be time to talk in the long-running saga of Sanofi-Aventis’ $18.5 billion bid for Genzyme?

GSK: Not interested in Genzyme deal

Despite runours, GSK’s Patrick Vallance, senior vice president of medicines discovery and development, says his company isn’t considering a bid for Genzyme

Genzyme says Sanofi’s bid is $4.2bn short of reality

Genzyme officials have said consistently there was a giant gap between Sanofi-Aventis’s $18.5 billion bid for the company and their own view of what the big biotech is actually worth.

Genzyme unlocks assets and sells genetic testing business to LabCorp

LabCorp, one of the US’ largest laboratory testing companies, will acquire the genetic testing business from Genzyme for $925 million in cash.

Sanofi may soon sweeten bid for Genzyme

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that Sanofi-Aventis is raising some fresh cash as it ponders how it can best break the gridlock that has stymied its quest to acquire Genzyme.

Report: Sanofi raises $71 offer with Genzyme

It looks as if Sanofi-Aventis has made a concession.

Genzyme offer rumour finally confirmed but $18.5bn is not enough

Genzyme has rejected an $18.5 billion cash offer from Sanofi-Aventis for the biotechnology giant.


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Genzyme and Voyager in $845 million AAV gene therapy pact

Voyager Therapeutics and Genzyme announced a major strategic collaboration to discover, develop and commercialize novel gene therapies for severe CNS disorders

Biopharma partners, Alnylam and Genzyme expand relationship

Biopharma partners, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Genzyme, a subsidary of Sanofi, expand their long time collaboration by where Genzyme has invested $700 million in Alnylam. 

Sanofi and Genzyme biopharma partners to support student programs

Sanofi, a big pharma company, and Genzyme biopharma partners  and announced a $1 million gift to support student success programs in the University of Massachusetts Boston’s College of Science and Mathematics

Genzyme in biotech deals with AskBio for gene therapy licensing

Genzyme biotech deals AskBio in a licensing agreement for duplex gene therapy vector technology. 

Genzyme and Veracyte announce global co-promotion agreement to deliver personalized solution for thyroid patients

Genzyme and Veracyte announced a global co-promotion partnership to provide a comprehensive solution for thyroid patients. The arrangement will give patients worldwide increased access to an advanced personalized medicine solution for improved diagnosis of thyroid nodules, and the potential to significantly reduce the number of unnecessary thyroidectomies. 

Genzyme completes sale of diagnostics business to Sekisui Chemical

Genzyme Corporation today announced that it has completed the sale of its diagnostic products business to Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. for $265 million in cash.

Genzyme will allow Sanofi to conduct due dilligence

Genzyme Corp. announced today that ongoing discussions with Sanofi-Aventis have progressed to the point where Genzyme’s board has authorized the company to enter into a confidentiality agreement with Sanofi-Aventis in order to allow Sanofi to conduct due diligence.

Sanofi once again extends tender off for Genzyme

Sanofi once again has had to extend its $18.5 billion bid for Genzyme. “Sanofi -Aventis and Genzyme are engaged in discussions regarding the structure of a contingent value right involving Lemtrada (alemtuzumab MS) as an element of any potential transaction,” the company says in a statement.

Will Sanofi, Genzyme chiefs talk deal at JPMorgan?

Could it be time to talk in the long-running saga of Sanofi-Aventis’ $18.5 billion bid for Genzyme?

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings successfully completes acquisition of Genzyme Genetics for $925 Million

Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings has announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Genzyme Genetics, a business unit of Genzyme Corp., in an all cash transaction valued at $925 million. Net of expected income tax benefits, less acquisition-related expenses, the acquisition has a net cash cost to LabCorp of approximately $795 million.