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Intellectual Property Financing – An introduction

September 30, 2008 : financings, IP

IP financing, or the use of IP assets (trade marks, design rights, patents and copyright) to gain access to credit, is gaining increasing attention in IP circles. more »

Is cost containment impacting pharmaceutical innovation?

September 25, 2008 : innovation

With the cost of healthcare provision spiraling, governments and payers across the seven major markets are applying cost-cutting measures, putting even greater pressure on pharmaceutical companies. In the UK, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence recently rejected four new kidney cancer therapies on the basis of cost effectiveness, effectively denying patients access to these novel drugs. more »

IP Due Diligence Readiness

June 2, 2008 : best practice, IP

By Philip Mendes, Partner, Innovation Law, Brisbane

Intellectual Property owners submit their intellectual property (“IP”) to due diligence for a number of reasons. Amongst them are:  more »

There is no substitute for face time

April 1, 2008 : partnering

By Norbert Rau, Raucon

How often have you received an interesting business opportunity offer from a person or company totally unknown to you, and how often did you think that it would be easier to assess the offer if you would know the person?  more »

Compulsory licenses and access to medicines – Rwanda experience

February 20, 2008 : Apotex, big pharma, Boehringer Ingelheim, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, shire

by Matthew Royle, Taylor Wessing

Rwanda has recently become the first country to make use of the new compulsory licensing provisions that are proposed to form Article 31bis of TRIPs more »

Legal opinion: Discretion to approve sub-licensing must be exercised in good faith

February 5, 2008 : best practice, licensing

by Tim Worden, Taylor Wessing

In the case of Lymington Marina Ltd v Macnamara and others,1 the Court of Appeal examined the scope of a clause in a licence allowing a licensor to refuse to approve a proposed sub-licensee. The licence in question granted the licensee a right to berth a yacht in the licensor’s marina. more »

Blog matters: What to do with Orphan IP?

January 22, 2008 : IP

Source: Duncan Bucknell, IP Thinktank

“Orphan IP” is intellectual property which has not been commercialised. Usually relating to patents and know-how (confidential information) in the technology transfer area, it has been the subject of many and varied ‘revolutionary’ suggestions. more »

Licensing not always the panacea for Pharma’s ills

January 16, 2008 : big pharma, licensing

With pharma struggling to maintain its pipelines and portfolios with products developed in-house, companies are increasingly turning to licensing to bolster profits.  more »

Legal opinion – MedImmune v Genentech

December 15, 2007 : big pharma, licensing, Novartis, partnering, Teva

By Jane Plomley and Farheena Rasheed more »

Recent developments in biotech patents

November 25, 2007 : big pharma, GlaxoSmithKline, patents

By Gareth Williams, Marks & Clark

Marks & Clerk’s annual biotechnology reports have traditionally taken a sector focus, in order to provide an in-depth view of how biotech is developing technologically. This year, the report took a more strategic look at patenting activity in the biotechnology arena, and discovered a maturing approach to commercialising and protecting intellectual property.  more »

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