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Cardiovascular partnering – recent deal analysis 2007-2013

Posted on 18 September 2013

Partnering deal analysis in the last decade has seen an increase in cardiovascular partnering with an increase in modern diagnostic technologies

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It’s no accident that drugs are expensive

Posted on 05 September 2013

The cost of prescription drugs is a perennial subject of heated debate

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Top 15 Most Partnered Therapeutic Targets

Posted on 13 August 2013

A recent study by Current Partnering identifies the most partnered therapeutic targets in recent years. Updated version of this article available here Top 15 most partnered therapeutic trends in pharma industry 2014

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How to achieve pharmaceutical innovation

Posted on 01 July 2013

Pharmaceutical innovation has been recognized as essential for mid- to long-term success and even survival of science-based corporations such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies

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Current deal trends and prospects in therapeutic antibodies

Posted on 08 April 2013

As a therapeutic, monoclonal antibodies are coming of age in that innovative companies have been persistent in improving upon an already effective therapeutic development strategy

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Big pharma partnering trends by therapy area

Posted on 18 March 2013

Big pharma, or top pharmaceutical companies, partner across a wide range of therapy areas, with the leading area being oncology, followed by infectives, central nervous system and cardiovascular

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The Hep C club: the new dealmakers hot spot

Posted on 06 March 2012

Recent months have seen increased activity in the field of hepatitis C partnering.

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Who’s next in the hepatitis C acquisition trail?

Posted on 23 November 2011

The recent acquisition of Pharmasset for a record breaking drug maker acquisition by Gilead has got markets asking who will be next

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