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Monoclonal Antibodies Partnering Terms and Agreements

The report provides a detailed understanding and analysis of how and why companies enter monoclonal antibody partnering deals.

Antibody Partnering Terms & Agreements

The Antibody Partnering Terms and Agreements report provides comprehensive understanding and unprecedented access to the antibody partnering deals and agreements entered into by the worlds leading healthcare companies


Genmab: Rapidly progressing in the field of antibodies

Genmab is an internationally recognised biotechnology company developing human antibody therapeutics primarily for cancer.

Seattle Genetics: Empowering monoclonal antibodies

Seattle Genetics is a biotech company developing and commercializing antibody-based therapeutics to improve the lives of people living with cancer.

Polyclonal antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies (or antisera) are antibodies that are obtained from different B cell resources

Monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies (mAb or moAb) are monospecific antibodies that are the same because they are made…

PDL Biopharma: Capitalizing on the humanization of monoclonal antibodies

PDL Biopharma based in Nevada manages patents associated with its humanized monoclonal antibodies technology.   

Current deal trends and prospects in therapeutic antibodies

As a therapeutic, monoclonal antibodies are coming of age in that innovative companies have been persistent in improving upon an already effective therapeutic development strategy

Amgen partners with Micromet for BiTE antibodies for solid tumors

The collaboration agreement between Amgen Micromet is for the research of BiTE antibodies against three undisclosed solid tumor targets

Chugai Pharmaceutical: Partnering activity 2009-2014

Chugai Pharmaceutical, headquartered in Japan, is a subsidiary of Roche, having operations in Asia, Europe and North America. This company is now ranked as a Top 50 Pharma company by Current Partnering.

Current Agreements Deal Analysis Update : November 2014

This month we provide you with an overview of deal analysis in the life science sectors, covering partnering, M&A and financing in October 2014.

Genmab: Partnering activity 2009-2014

Genmab, a top big biotech company, headquartered in Denmark is one of the leaders today in the human antibody therapeutics market for cancer treatment.


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Abbvie and C2N partner for anti-tau antibodies for Alzheimer’s Disease

AbbVie has entered into an exclusive worldwide license agreement with C2N Diagnostics to develop and commercialize a portfolio of anti-tau antibodies for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurological disorders

Sanofi and Vect-Horus collaborate to transport therapeutic antibodies into brain

VECT-HORUS announced the signing of a scientific collaboration agreement with SANOFI

Triphase and Celgene announce a pharma deal for bi-specific antibodies

Triphase Accelerator announced a new strategic pharma deal with Celgene.

Lilly forms a pharma deal for DuoBody antibodies

Genmab announced a pharma deal with Eli Lilly and Company to use and evaluate Genmab’s DuoBody technology platform for the creation of bispecific antibodies.

Licensing agreement for monoclonal antibodies

Visterra has secured an exclusive patent license from Massachusetts Institute of Technology to a family of early-stage monoclonal antibodies that target dengue virus.

Collaboration agreement for identifying therapeutic antibodies

Single Cell Technology and AB Biosciences have entered a collaboration to identify therapeutic antibodies.

Pfizer biotech deals Harbour Antibodies for H2L2 mice

Harbour Antibodies has licensed its H2L2 mice, which can generate human monoclonal antibodies, to Pfizer in biotech deals.

Sanofi pharma deals Regeneron for PDGF and ANG2 antibodies

Regeneron pharma deals to acquire full exclusive rights to two families of antibodies invented at the big pharma company’s labs, but previously included in its antibody collaboration with Sanofi.

Therapeutic antibodies research attract pharma partnering pact between Pfizer & Visterra

The world’s largest pharmaceutical company Pfizer, has inked a pharma partnering pact with Visterr to focus on the discovery of therapeutic antibodies based on the latter’s platform for the identification of drug target sites and drug design

CMC Biologics announces agreement with Daiichi Sankyo to develop and manufacture antibodies

Agreement with Daiichi Sankyo to provide process development support and manufacture of several clinical-stage antibodies over a three-year period.