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GSK announces grant to IAVI for human vaccines project

Posted on 18 February 2015

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The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative has received a grant of US$350,000 from GSK to support implementation of the Human Vaccines Project, a new public-private partnership seeking to transform global disease prevention by collaboratively addressing some of the key scientific challenges in vaccine development across diseases.

The GSK grant will help to establish the Project's global consortium and plan its research program.

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The grant builds on a funding last year to IAVI by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a series of workshops to explore how to accelerate development of vaccines via a Human Vaccines Project, by tackling the major scientific challenges impeding vaccine research and development through greater collaboration, increased knowledge sharing, and innovation.

The Project's objectives are to facilitate development of new and improved vaccines by deciphering the "Human Immunome," all the genes and proteins associated with the human immune system, and elucidating the "Rules of Immunogenicity", i.e., how humans generate effective immune responses with vaccines.

Thus, the Project aims to address the common scientific obstacles preventing development of vaccines against major and emerging infectious diseases and cancers complementing ongoing disease-specific vaccine development efforts.

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