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Array Biopharma regains binimetinib from Novartis

Posted on 05 December 2014

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Array BioPharma has reached a definitive agreement with Novartis to regain full worldwide rights to binimetinib, a MEK inhibitor in three Phase 3 trials.

This agreement is conditional on the closing of transactions announced by Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) on April 22, 2014, which are expected in the first half of 2015, and remain subject to regulatory approval.

Array had previously granted Novartis worldwide exclusive rights to develop and commercialize binimetinib under a 2010 License Agreement, which will terminate and be superseded by a new set of agreements between the parties.

Upon deal close, Array will receive up to $85 million and Novartis' global, exclusive license to binimetinib will terminate with all rights reverting to Array.

Novartis has agreed to provide transitional regulatory, clinical development and manufacturing services as specified below and will assign to Array patent and other intellectual property rights it owns to the extent relating to binimetinib.

All clinical trials involving binimetinib, including the COLUMBUS, NEMO and MILO pivotal trials, will continue to be conducted as currently contemplated.

Novartis will be responsible for continued conduct and funding of the COLUMBUS trial.

This obligation will transfer to any future owner of LGX818 (encorafenib).

Following deal close, Novartis will reimburse Array for all remaining out-of-pocket expenses and half of all remaining fully-burdened full time equivalent (FTE) costs associated with MILO, which Array will continue to conduct.

For NEMO and all other ongoing and planned clinical trials, Novartis will conduct and solely fund each trial, until a mutually agreed-upon transition date to Array.

Following this transition, Novartis will reimburse Array for all remaining out-of-pocket expenses and half of all remaining fully-burdened FTE costs required to complete these studies.

Novartis will remain responsible for conducting and funding development of the NRAS melanoma companion diagnostic until Premarket Approval is received from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Following approval, Novartis will transfer the product and Premarket Approval to a diagnostic vendor of Array's designation.

Novartis also retains binimetinib supply obligations for all clinical and commercial needs for up to 30 months after closing and will also assist Array in the technology and manufacturing transfer of binimetinib.

Novartis will also provide Array continued access to several Novartis pipeline compounds including, but not limited to, LEE011 (CDK 4/6 inhibitor) and BYL719 (a-PI3K inhibitor), for use in currently ongoing combination studies, and possible future studies, including Phase 3 trials, with binimetinib.

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