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Atreca and Janssen in Immune Repertoire Capture technology pact

Posted on 03 December 2014

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Atreca has entered into a strategic collaboration with Janssen Biotech in which the companies will apply Atreca’s Immune Repertoire Capture technology to autoimmune disease.

The goal of the collaboration, facilitated by the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center in California, is to detail the molecular mechanisms underlying diseases and define patient subgroups with distinct disease biology to inform better treatment

Atreca will receive research funding and success-based milestone payments.

Immune Repertoire Capture technology employs proprietary single-cell analysis to deliver full-length, natively paired antibody and T cell receptor repertoires along with the levels of co-expressed genes that reveal cell subtype and phenotype.

These data reveal the activity of the immune system and enable identification of the molecular targets of an immune response.

Applied to human disease, Immune Repertoire Capture™ is an engine for the discovery and development of novel therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics.

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