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Otsuka acquires Avanir Pharma for $3.5 billion

Posted on 02 December 2014

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Otsuka Pharmaceutical announced an agreement with Avanir Pharmaceuticals, in which Otsuka America, acquires Avanir for USD 3.5 billion in an all-cash tender offer.

The acquisition of Avanir will bring Otsuka three distinct values:

  • 1) NUEDEXTA, created to treat the under-recognized, neurologic disease PBA;
  • 2) the late-stage investigational compound AVP-786 in clinical development to treat agitation associated with Alzheimer’s disease and;
  • 3) Avanir’s clinical development and commercial expertise in neurologic diseases, which complements Otsuka’s capabilities in psychiatric diseases.

These will accelerate Otsuka’s existing expansion strategy in the neurologic area, widening the overall CNS portfolio, inclusive of the psychiatric and neurologic areas, supporting both short-and medium-term growth.

This acquisition is consistent with the Otsuka Group’s investment philosophy: invest in companies and businesses with which we can share a common management philosophy, human resources, products and technology to enhance corporate value; and invest with long-term perspective.

The acquisition is based on the concepts of creativity and proof through execution that Otsuka esteems.

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