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BioMarin acquires Prosensa for up to $840 million

Posted on 25 November 2014

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BioMarin Pharmaceutical and Prosensa Holding have entered into a definitive agreement in which BioMarin will offer to purchase all of the outstanding ordinary shares of Prosensa for $17.75 per share, for a total up front consideration of approximately $680 million.

In addition, two approximately $80 million contingent milestones are payable for the approval of drisapersen in the U.S. no later than May 15, 2016 and Europe no later than February 15, 2017, respectively.

BioMarin will offer to acquire all of Prosensa’s issued and outstanding ordinary shares and all ordinary share equivalents in an all cash transaction for $17.75 per share for an upfront purchase price of approximately $680 million.

Prosensa shareholders may also receive two regulatory milestone payments of approximately $80 million for receiving approval in the U.S. no later than May 15, 2016 and in Europe no later than February 15, 2017, respectively.

In addition, within 5 business days of signing the purchase agreement BioMarin will purchase from Prosensa a $50 million convertible note.

If the transaction fails to close for any reason, the note will automatically convert into 4,395,914 shares of Prosensa’s stock.

The transaction is expected to be accounted for as a business combination.

BioMarin will maintain operations at Prosensa’s headquarters, based in Leiden, The Netherlands and integrate Prosensa personnel from that office.

The acquisition will provide BioMarin with worldwide rights to multiple orphan-drug candidates, including drisapersen, which is currently under rolling review as part of a New Drug Application (NDA) with the Food and Drug Administration.

Prosensa’s pipeline is comprised of several potential products that leverage their proprietary RNA-modulating technology platform for the treatment of various genotypes of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other genetic disorders.

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