Intrexon pharma alliances with Sanofi Chimie

Posted on 14 October 2014

Intrexon Corporation has entered into an Exclusive Channel Collaboration with Sanofi Chimie to develop an enhanced production process for a specific family of its marketed Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients through Sanofi's current manufacturing operations in France.

This collaboration will leverage Intrexon's proprietary technology suite plus Sanofi's expertise and innovation in yeast metabolism and industrial chemistry to increase overall yield.

Under the ECC, Intrexon will utilize its advanced computational biology and bioinformatics to identify the most efficient biological pathways for producing these marketed APIs.

Intrexon's Industrial Product Division facilities in Hungary and California will design and synthesize new components tailored to drive optimal output from constructed cell lines leading to improved process economics. Furthermore, for faster, more efficient collaboration, Intrexon intends to provide ECC partners like Sanofi the ability to remotely access its extensive library of characterized genetic components facilitating customized gene design and high-throughput modular DNA assembly via its new BeyondBio platform.

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