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Salix Pharmaceuticals – Getting to grips with gastrointestinal disorders

Posted on 01 October 2014

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Specialty Pharmaceuticals Company Salix Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing treatments for a wide spectrum of gastrointestinal disorders.

From ulcerative colitis to Crohn’s disease and IBS, Salix Pharmaceuticals, based in North Carolina is an expert in this disease area and has an impressive pipeline of products dedicated to treating patients suffering from these disorders.

Currently the company has almost 20 products in development; seven of which are past or currently in phase III trials. One of its products RELISTOR has just recently been approved in September 29th for the treatment of opioid induced constipation in patients with chronic non cancer pain. Another key product belonging to the company is APRISO which is a mesalamine product for the maintenance and remission of ulcerative colitis.

Salix Pharmaceuticals achieves its success through a well thought out company strategy, which involves;

  1. In-licensing selective late stage or marketed products
  2. Selling its own products through its established sales force in the USA
  3. Expanding its business by leveraging its own product sales and product sales infrastructure.

Salix prides the fact that it has built up a strong sales network in America, the expertise it offers in what it calls the largest global pharmaceutical market makes it an attractive partner to those looking to distribute their products in the US.

Although the company has a strong presence in the USA, Salix forms many partnerships with companies who can market its products across the rest of the world.

Partnering focus

At the moment Salix Pharmaceuticals is currently is searching for more opportunities, both in licensing and partnering that will provide value to both stakeholders and patients alike.

Salix is looking to in-license phase II, phase III or marketed proprietary therapeutics drugs that it can complete development of then submit to the US FDA. The approved products can then be marketed and sold through its very own strong market sales force.

Salix has appointed a sole business development person to take care of any incoming enquiries

Figure 1: Salix Pharmaceuticals partnering deals 2009-2014

Figure 1: Salix Pharmaceuticals partnering deals 2009-2014

Figure 1: Salix Pharmaceuticals partnering deals 2009-2014

Breaking news from Salix in October 2014, is that it has just terminated its pending merger with Italian drugmaker Cosmo Technologies which is a subsidiary of Cosmo Pharmaceuticals. Salix was due to combine with Cosmo Technologies and run the merged companies however the US has recently created new rules limiting the tax benefits of merging/acquiring overseas. Salix will now make a payment of $25million to Cosmo.

Partnering Outreach

Salix Pharmaceuticals is routinely present at a large number of partnering events throughout the year.

Partnering events are a great place to meet lots of potential partners face to face in a small amount of time.

Events with Salix Pharmaceuticals presence include but are not limited to:

  • BIO International Convention and Business Forum
  • BioEurope / BioEurope Spring

For a full list of forthcoming partnering events where you could meet with Salix Pharmaceuticals in person visit Current Partnering’s Event calendar. 

Contacting Salix Pharmaceuticals for partnering

Salix Pharmaceuticals can be contacting in relation to partnering through a number of channels.

Here is a list of the most common channels: 

Partnering events: face to face contact is generally considered the most effective form of contact. Partnering events not only allow face to face contact but also contact with multiple companies for the price of one flight and hotel reservation. This benefit makes partnering events the most cost effective method of making personal introductions as a start point for partnering discussions.

See Current Partnering’s event calendar for details of forthcoming events.

Direct contact: there are several sources of direct contact with Servier’s business development team

  • Phone:Picking up the phone and speaking with an individual is the best form of non-face to face contact as it allows your name and voice to be remembered and associated with an opportunity.
  • Email:Sending an email is another good way of making contact. Ideally, research the individual responsible for the therapy/technology area being targeted and get in touch. Email contact to a named individual view the list of contacts at Salix's website for details.
  • LinkedIn:Business to business contact is increasingly taking place via LinkedIn, the global online networking channel. Many of Salix Pharmaceuticals’ business development executives have LinkedIn profiles and can be found by viewing the company’s profile. Visit Salix Pharmaceutical’s LinkedIn page here.

Opportunity submission form: the least favourable channel but worth using if you do not have access to the other channels mentioned above. Salix Pharmaceuticals does not provide an online opportunity submission form.

Our report provides more detailed insight into the details of each deal. See: Partnering Agreements with Salix Pharmaceuticals 2009-2014

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