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MacroGenics and Takeda sign a pharma licensing deal for $400 million

Posted on 01 October 2014

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MacroGenics and Takeda Pharmaceutical announced inking a pharma licensing deal to develop and commercialize four potential product candidates.

Earlier in the year the two companies announced announced a strategic alliance to develop MGD010, a compound that modulates the function of human B cells without B cell depletion, which has implications in autoimmune diseases and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).

The new deal is in addition to MGD010.

The four new compounds are built on MacroGenics’ bi-specific Dual-Affinity Re-Targeting (DART) DART platform.

This technology allows multiple antigens or cells to be targeted using a single molecule with an antibody-like structure.

The resulting molecules, dubbed DARTs, can be configured to attack cancer cells and various immune cells related to autoimmune disorders and infectious disease.

Takeda will hold an exclusive worldwide license for each of the four product candidates.

Takeda will fund the R&D activities related to those compounds, including reimbursement of any expenses MacroGenics incurs in the process.

If and when they are successfully developed and commercialized by Takeda, MacroGenics has the potential to receive about $400 million in various milestone payments for each of the potential drugs.

MacroGenics will receive royalties on any global net sales and will have the option to co-promote each candidate product with Takeda in the U.S.

MacroGenics has the option to fund part of Phase 3 clinical studies of each product candidate and receive a North American share of profits in return.

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