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Big pharma, Merck Serono joins hand with Lupin to expand its product portfolio

Posted on 17 September 2014

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Big pharma, Merck Serono announced the establishment of a long-term strategic partnership with Lupin Limited.

Lupin will support Merck Serono in the implementation of the company’s General Medicines portfolio expansion initiative in emerging markets, addressing the local needs for affordable high-quality medicines.

The agreement builds on an established working relationship between the two companies, and could add up to 20 new products to the current portfolio.

The first launches are expected in 2016.

Merck Serono will expand its overall portfolio in core therapeutic areas of Merck Serono´s General Medicine & Endocrinology franchise in selected countries in Latin America, Asia, Central Eastern Europe, and Africa.

The partnership covers major markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines alongside several countries in Africa and Central Eastern Europe as well as other countries in emerging markets, focusing on cardiovascular and diabetes diseases.

In Africa, medicines will also be supplied for additional therapeutic areas, reflecting local healthcare needs such as availability of antibiotics.

Lupin will develop products, provide product dossiers and supply finished products to Merck Serono.

Merck Serono will be the marketing authorization holder for the products, and will leverage its strong commercial and medical teams in emerging markets to bring the new medicines in its portfolio to customers.

Both Lupin and Merck Serono aim to provide high quality, affordable medicines to patients in emerging markets through this alliance.

Lupin and Merck agreed not to release any financial details of the transaction.

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