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Champions Oncology biotech deals Teva Pharmaceuticals for oncology collaboration

Posted on 16 September 2013

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Champions Oncology has entered into biotech deals with Teva Pharmaceuticals for drug discovery and development in oncology.

Champions Oncology announced the biotech deals resulting in the signing of a new discovery and drug development partnership with Teva Pharmaceutical which will utilize Champions TumorGraft technology platform to enhance and accelerate the clinical development of several of Teva's oncology compounds.

The biotech deals, using the Champions TumorGraft technology platform, aims to identify highly responsive cancer subtypes, and their corresponding molecular and biochemical biomarkers of responsiveness to Teva's novel therapeutic agents, hopefully leading to new and personalized therapeutic options for patients with cancer.

Under the terms of the biotech deals, Teva will pay Champions an upfront fee and Champions may also receive milestone payments and royalties for the compounds being studied if the response hypotheses are successfully utilized for clinical trial design and resulting commercial success of the compounds.


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