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Partnering with Merck KgaA / Merck Serono: Your best partner

Posted on 09 July 2013

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Merck KgaA / Merck Serono is a top pharma company active in partnering, licensing and M&A in biopharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare and research equipment.

Merck Serono is its biopharmaceuticals division, and is responsible for the majority of its partnering activity in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Merck Serono value people. This can be seen in the importance they place upon partnerships throughout its global organization, from licensing deals to strategic research alliances. And they have a lot to offer potential partners.

Merck Serono’s enduring commitment and focus in specialist indications enables them to deliver the targeted medicines and novel, patient-friendly drug delivery systems that make a difference to patients and their families, physicians and caregivers around the world.

Flexibility in deal-making, a governance structure facilitating decision-making and an unfailing dedication to excellence in alliance management are building a reputation for Merck Serono as one of the best partners within the industry.

Partnerships are a key component of Merck Serono's strategy. Combining strengths with those of key industry and academic partners supports the continuous enrichment of its pipeline and helps them to achieve their ambitious goals. For partners, it is an opportunity to work with an organization that values trust, transparency and mutually rewarding relationships.

Merck Serono partnering process

Merck Serono have developed and launched a dedicated website to engage with potential partnering – Merck Serono Open Innovation Portal -

Merck Serono are committed to success through partnerships. They achieve this through dedicated alliance managers, joint project teams, a governance structure facilitating decision-making, open communications and an unfailing pursuit of common goals.

Licensing is a critical success driver for Merck Serono. From early-stage licensing to mergers and acquisitions, the company take full advantage of every possible financial structure to create value for Merck Serono - and also for its partners.

Merck Serono offer partners a solid foundation upon which to build mutually rewarding relationships.

Summary of Merck Serono partnering interests

Merck Serono are particularly interested in opportunities that will support its strategic business objectives:

  • Enhance the productivity of drug discovery activities with innovative and emerging technologies
  • Expand upon Multiple Sclerosis franchise to enter other neurodegenerative disease areas
  • Expand pipeline in Rheumatology with complementary product opportunities offering a broad indication potential
  • Grow U.S. business with specialist-focused therapies
  • Expand ongoing presence in the Japanese market
  • Expand fast growing presence in China and other Emerging Markets

Merck Serono continues to seek opportunities to strengthen franchises in:

  • Oncology
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Fertility
  • Endocrinology

Merck Serono are open to considering all opportunities to create value using innovative deal structures and creative alliances.

MS Ventures

In addition, the company have interests in investing in early innovation, through its MS Ventures division.

MS Ventures is a strategic, corporate venture capital fund that invests in emerging biotechnology companies. The fund was started in 2009 with the mandate to invest in early-stage innovative technologies.

Investments focus on innovative technologies with the potential to impact Merck Serono's focus therapeutic areas: Oncology, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Rheumatology, Fertility and Endocrinology.

As strategic investors, Merck Serono strive to bring support to portfolio companies through continued interaction with internal experts in various areas providing key insights into strategic research planning, marketing and clinical development. MS Ventures have a streamlined decision-making process to evaluate investment opportunities and enable it to make critical investment decisions faster.

Visit MS Ventures dedicated website for more details.

Merck Consumer Health

Merck Consumer Health are committed to enhancing the quality of people's lives around the world with innovative brands solutions, with a focus on:

  • Mobility and agility
  • Everyday health protection
  • Women’s health
  • Children’s health
  • Coughs and colds

For the latest detail on Merck Serono’s partnering interests, visit the dedicated partnering website.

Partnering outreach

Merck KgaA and Merck Serono are routinely present at a large number of partnering events throughout the year.

Partnering events are a great place to meet lots of potential partners face to face in a small amount of time.

Events with Merck KgaA and Merck Serono presence include but are not limited to:

-        BIO International Convention and Business Forum

-        BioEurope / BioEurope Spring

For a full list of forthcoming partnering events where you could meet with Merck KgaA and Merck Serono in person visit Current Partnering’s Event calendar.

In addition, you can find a full list of events where Merck KgaA and Merck Serono will be present for partnering discussions, for further details visit the dedicated partnering website.

Contacting Merck KgaA / Merck Serono for partnering

Merck KgaA and Merck Serono can be contacting in relation to partnering through a number of channels.

Here is a list of the list common channels:

Partnering events: face to face contact is generally considered the most effective form of contact. Partnering events not only allow face to face contact but also contact with multiple companies for the price of one flight and hotel reservation. This benefit makes partnering events the most cost effective method of making personal introductions as a start point for partnering discussions.

See Current Partnering’s event calendar for details of forthcoming events.

Direct contact: there are several sources of direct contact with Merck KgaA and Merck Serono business development team

-        Phone: Picking up the phone and speaking with an individual is the best form of non-face to face contact as it allows your name and voice to be remembered and associated with an opportunity.

-        Email: Sending an email is another good way of making contact. Ideally, research the individual responsible for the therapy/technology area being targeted and get in touch. Merck KgaA and Merck Serono do publish a list of contacts on their website, so unless you cannot find a direct contact elsewhere use the contact form here.

-        LinkedIn: Business to business contact is increasingly taking place via LinkedIn, the global online networking channel. Many of Merck KgaA and Merck Serono business development executives have LinkedIn profiles and can be found by viewing the company’s profile. Visit Merck Serono LinkedIn pages here

Opportunity submission form: the least favourable channel but worth using if you do not have access to the other channels mentioned above. Merck Serono provides an online opportunity submission form, for further details visit the dedicated online submission form.


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