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Grifols big pharma deals Aradigm in licensing and option agreement for Pulmaquin, Lipoquin and AERx

Posted on 23 May 2013

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Grifols, a big pharma company, has entered pharma deals with Aradigm for licensing and options relating to Pulmaquin, Lipoquin and AERx.

Grifols and Aradigm announced the signing of  pharma deals for the exclusive, worldwide license for Aradigm’s proprietary formulations of inhaled ciprofloxacin for the treatment of severe respiratory diseases, including non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis.

Aradigm has completed Phase 2b clinical trials in BE patients with Pulmaquin and Lipoquin prior to the pharma deals.

BE is a chronic condition that affects about 110,000 people in the United States and many more in other countries and is characterized by abnormal dilatation of the bronchi and bronchioles associated with chronic respiratory infections.

Aradigm has been granted orphan drug designation for BE in the U.S. and there is currently no drug specifically approved for the treatment of this condition prior to the pharma deals.

Within the pharma deals, Aradigm and the big pharma have agreed to advance Aradigm’s proprietary inhaled ciprofloxacin formulations into Phase III clinical trials in BE for the respiratory market.

Grifols will be responsible for all development and clinical expenses up to a maximum of $65 million for the BE indication as part of the pharma deals.

Aradigm is entitled to receive cash payments of up to $25 million upon achievement of development milestones.

Grifols is responsible for all commercialization activities and will pay Aradigm tiered royalties on worldwide sales of products utilizing Aradigm’s proprietary inhaled ciprofloxacin formulations.

Grifols will be granted an option to license Aradigm’s AERx pulmonary drug delivery platform for use with another molecule.

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