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Pharma partnering with Teva: Asking, thinking, discovering to become partner of choice

Posted on 25 March 2013

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Teva Pharmaceuticals, a top pharma company is active engaged in pharma partnering, licensing and M&A in branded, generic and specialty pharmaceuticals.

The company has four core businesses; branded, specialty, generic and API pharmaceuticals.

Teva Pharmaceuticals has an active pharma partnering and licensing group that encourages third parties to get in contact with their business opportunity or potential collaboration idea.

Teva Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest branded, generics and specialty pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Asking questions, thinking about things from a different angle and discovering new possibilities are at the heart of progress. Teva seeks to partner with companies at all stages of the pharmaceutical development.

Through pharma partnering deals, Teva offers smaller companies and academic institutions access to its reputable assets and resources:

  • Proven success s in developing proprietary therapies
  • Genuine commitment to projects that are selected for partnership
  • Reliance on external research & partnering to obtain products for development
  • Unmatched deal flexibility for creating a win-win situation, for both Teva and our partners

Like many companies, Teva seeks to be ‘partner of choice’ in its target areas: branded, generic and specialty pharmaceuticals.

Teva does not provide an overview of its pharma partnering process, probably due to it being a generic/specialty pharmaceutical company. This is because the process is probably much more straight forward: show me what you have that is at regulatory, marketing or formulation stage and how it fits with our business.


Summary of Teva’s partnering interests

Teva splits its pharma partnering interests into distinct areas.

These can be summarized as follows:

  • Generic pharmaceuticals – Teva seeks to be among the first to bring new generics to market in its target therapy areas
  • Specialty pharmaceuticals – Teva is focused on the development, manufacturing and marketing of prescription drug products in its target therapy areas

For the latest detail on Teva’s pharma partnering interests, visit the partnering section of Teva’s website > go to Lines of operation > Partnering with Teva for details.


Partnering outreach

Teva Pharmaceutical’s pharma partnering outreach is somewhat different to those biopharmaceutical companies engaged in early stage research and development. As such, Teva is not a regular attendee of the popular biopartnering events. Instead, its presence is higher at the more mainstream API and pharmaceutical exhibitions such as:

  • Interphex
  • Pharma Focus

Partnering events are a great place to meet lots of potential partners face to face in a small amount of time.

For a full list of forthcoming pharma partnering events where you could meet with Teva in person visit Current Partnering’s Event calendar.


Contacting Teva for partnering

Teva can be contacting in relation to partnering through a number of channels.

Here is a list of the most common channels:

Partnering events: face to face contact is generally considered the most effective form of contact. Partnering events not only allow face to face contact but also contact with multiple companies for the price of one flight and hotel reservation. This benefit makes partnering events the most cost effective method of making personal introductions as a start point for partnering discussions.

See Current Partnering’s event calendar for details of forthcoming events.

Direct contact: there are several sources of direct contact with Teva’s business development team

-       Phone: Picking up the phone and speaking with an individual is the best form of non-face to face contact as it allows your name and voice to be remembered and associated with an opportunity.

-       Email: Sending an email is another good way of making contact. Ideally, research the individual responsible for the therapy/technology area being targeted and get in touch. Teva publish some contacts on their website, so use the contact form here.

-       LinkedIn: Business to business contact is increasingly taking place via LinkedIn, the global online networking channel. Many of Teva’s business development executives have LinkedIn profiles and can be found by viewing the company’s profile. Visit Teva’s LinkedIn page here

Opportunity submission form: the least favourable channel but worth using if you do not have access to the other channels mentioned above. Teva provides an online opportunity submission form which can be found by partnering section ofTeva’s website > go to Lines of operation > Partnering with Teva for details.


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