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Big pharma partnering trends by therapy area

Posted on 18 March 2013

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Big pharma, or top pharmaceutical companies, partner across a wide range of therapy areas, with the leading area being oncology, followed by infectives, central nervous system and cardiovascular.

This article forms part of a series looking at recent big pharma partnering and M&A activity in the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industries, with abstracts from the report  Partnering Deals and Alliances with Bigpharma, providing comprehensive and in-depth insight into the deal making interests and activity of the leading fifty big pharma companies.

The top 50 pharmaceutical companies, often referred to as big pharma, include the likes of Pfizer, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline and make up a large part of the pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences industry’s revenue generation as well as research and development (R&D) effort.

A full list of the top pharmaceutical companies can be viewed here.

Oncology deals lead the way with nearly 1,200 oncology partnering deals announced by big pharma since 2005. This is as would be expected given that oncology offers the greatest challenges and rewards in the treatment of cancers in both an aging and more prosperous global population.

Infectives is next up with over 700 partnering deals announced since 2005. Again this is expected as infectives are a major challenge worldwide, especially with individuals being increasingly mobile across the globe.

Central nervous system deals showed over 570 deals since 2005 and if combined with psychiatry (350+ deals), represents over 900 partnering deals.

Cardiovascular diseases also represent a major area for big pharma partnering, with nearly 500 deals announced since 2005.

Not surprisingly, big pharma seeks to operate in the largest and potentially lucrative therapy areas for each dollar it spends on research and development.

The following table provides an overview of big pharma, or top pharmaceutical company partnering activity by therapy area since 2005.

Figure: Big pharma partnering by therapy area 2005-2013

Bigpharma partnering  by therapy

Source: CurrentAgreements, February 2013

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This article is based on the findings of the new report from Current Partnering titled Partnering Deals and Alliances with Bigpharma, providing comprehensive and in-depth insight into the deal making interests and activity of the leading fifty big pharma companies.

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