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Current Agreements Deal Analysis Update: September 2012

Posted on 06 September 2012

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This month we are providing you with an overview of deal analysis in the life sciences, covering partnering and M&A in August 2012.

Deal of the month

Collaborative R&D, licensing and marketing agreement for MP0260 and DARPin products

August 21, 2012 - Allergan, Molecular Partners

Allergan and Molecular Partners AG have significantly expanded their existing relationship by entering into two separate agreements to discover, develop, and commercialize proprietary therapeutic DARPin products for the treatment of serious ophthalmic diseases more

Breaking news...

Licensing agreement for Sym004

September 6, 2012 - Merck KaaA, Symphogen

Symphogen announced that an exclusive worldwide license agreement was signed with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, for Sym004, an investigational antibody mixture targeting the epidermal growth factor receptor more

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Month In Review

Welcome to the September 2012 edition of Current Agreements Deal Analysis Update.

This month we are providing you with an overview of deal making activity in the life sciences, covering partnering, M&A and financings in August 2012.

Partnering activity continued at a good pace, with several high headline value deals announced during the month despite it being a vacation period for many. A total of 253 partnering deals were announced during the month, with the top deal by value being the collaborative R&D, licensing and marketing agreement for MP0260 and DARPin products between Allergan and Molecular Partners. The deal had a headline value of USD1.5 billion. Further details can be viewed here.

On the M&A front 43 were deals announced, with the leading deal being the acquisition of Coventry Health Care by Aetna, in a deal valued at USD7.3 billion. Full details here.

NEW...On the financings front we recorded 88 financing announcements, with the leading deal by value being the $1.25 billion public offering by Community Health Systems. See details here.

Our sister company, Current Partnering has just published several new reports:

As well as a comprehensive series of deal reports covering all themain therapy areas. You can select from numerous therapies including cancer, CNS, psychiatry, infectives....view the full list.

Our Current Partnering website showcases the leading partnering, M&A and financing deals by value.

To see the latest 2012 leading deals, plus view the full set of Scorecards for 2012: Top partnering deals | Top M&A deals  | Top financing deals - check them out.

We welcome your comments and feedback on this newsletter. We also welcome contact from any company that has a deal not already announced by press release, allowing us to add non-publicized deals to the database.


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Month In Review

The following figure shows deals during August 2012 by industry sector.

The following figure shows deals during August 2012 by stage of development.

The following figure shows deals during August 2012 by therapy area.

The following figure shows deals during August 2012 by deal type.

To view partnering activity trends for 2012 to date visit our Scorecards.

The top ten

The following are the top 10 partnering deals and alliances by value, as announced in August 2012.

1. Collaborative R&D, licensing and marketing agreement for MP0260 and DARPin products - Allergan, Molecular Partners - $1500m

2. Licensing agreement for daratumumab - Janssen Biotech, Genmab - $1135m

3. Asset purchase agreement for therapeutic support business - Getinge, Kinetic Concepts - $275m

4. Marketing agreement for Valtrex, Lamictal and Amoxil - GSK, Aspen Pharmacare - $270m

5. Marketing agreement for Nexium - AstraZeneca, Pfizer - $250m

6. Collaborative R&D and marketing agreement for PI3K delta inhibitor, TGR-1202 - TG Therapeutics, Rhizen Pharmaceuticals - $250m

7. Asset purchase agreement for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing and R&D facility - Hospira, Orchid Chemicals and Pharma - $200m

8. Spin out agreement for drug discovery business - Elan, Neotope - $130m

9. Grant award for $114 million for fighting cancer - Cancer Research and Prevention Institute of Texas - $114m

10. Contract service award for $102 million for vaccines and biological products - Advanced BioScience Laboratories, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases - $102m

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Bigpharma Partnering

August saw 36 partnering deals announced where bigpharma were at least one of the parties to the deal. This is lower than the 55 deals recorded in the previous month.

AstraZeneca were particularly active, leading partnering activity in August:


  • VLST Corporation - Licensing agreement for anti-CD40  monoclonal antibody
  • Impax Laboratories - Settlement agreement for generic Detrol LA
  • Stellar Pharmaceuticals - Promotion agreement for Gelfoam
  • Mylan Laboratories - Development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing agreement for generic drugs
  • AstraZeneca - Marketing agreement for Nexium
  • Nodality - Collaboration agreement for single cell network profiling technology for autoimmune disease
  • Mylan Specialty - Licensing and marketing agreement for Epipen injection
  • Janssen Alzheimer Immunotherapy, Johnson & Johnson - Termination agreement for bapineuzumab

Further details of each deal are available at Current Agreements.

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