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Astellas extends license to GVK Biosciences databases

Posted on 25 October 2011

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Astellas Pharma has extended and renewed its license to the GVK BIO SAR Databases (GOSTAR). 

GOSTAR (GVK BIO Online Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) Database) is an online scientific database product of GVK BIO. It integrates information on compounds from discovery & development stages and marketed drugs. Information provided includes SAR, ADME, toxicity, preclinical, clinical and structural data for over 5.1 million compounds and 16.7 million SAR points.

Sreeni Devidas, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Informatics, at GVK BIO said, “We are excited that Astellas has decided to extend the license to the GOSTAR database. The GOSTAR database is becoming an indispensible tool for scientists in drug discovery. Several publications that have used the GOSTAR data validate the utility of this product.”

Informatics at GVK BIO

The Informatics division is responsible for analyzing data to transform chemical / biological patterns into knowledge. Informatics offers Custom Curation, Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics services to global clients. It also licenses and sells databases to Biotech and Pharma companies.

About GVK Biosciences

GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO) is Asia’s leading Discovery Research and Development organization. GVK BIO provides a broad spectrum of services, stand-alone and integrated, across the R&D value chain. Our discovery services consist of Chemistry, Biology and Informatics; the development services include Clinical Research, Clinical Pharmacology and Process R&D. GVK BIO’s diverse portfolio of more than 150 customers includes some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agro, life-sciences companies and leading academic institutions. Please visit us at to know more.

About Astellas

Astellas Pharma Inc., located in Tokyo, Japan, is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products. Astellas has approximately 16,000 employees worldwide. The organization is committed to becoming a global category leader in urology, immunology & infectious diseases, neuroscience, DM complications & metabolic diseases and oncology. For more information on Astellas Pharma Inc., please visit our website at


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