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Recent trends in personalized medicine: oncology deal-making

Posted on 28 May 2011

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An article by Steve Poile on personalized medicine deal-making. 

Written by: Steve Poile, Wildwood Ventures Ltd. (Current Partnering & Current Agreements) for

Publication: IPI Magazine Spring 2011


"Personalised medicine has recently grown in importance as drug companies and regulators alike come to terms with optimising resources on the right interventions for responsive patients, as well as improving early diagnosis of those patients susceptible to certain diseases before they become manifest.

Much has been driven by a tightening of budgets and closer regulatory scrutiny of new products and their worth. As a result, opportunities have emerged to use new technologies to better match patients with the best interventions leading to better outcomes. Consequently over the past few years there has been a growing frequency of personalised medicine-focused partnering.

In 2010, a total of over 200 personalised medicine deals were announced (source: Current Agreements) of which about half had an oncology focus. This is nearly double the number of personalised medicine deals seen in 2009 and suggests that there has been a significant increase of interest in this field.

Big pharma companies play a minor but emerging role in deal-making in emerging personalised medicine R&D. Of the over 200 personalised medicine partnering deals announced in 2010, only 36 deals, or just fewer than 20%, had a big pharma company as a party to the deal. Many are in partnership with small diagnostic or biomarker companies in order to develop companion diagnostics, either for use during a clinical trial to enable more ready determination of clinical endpoint, or to accompany a new product launch into the market where reimbursement may be aligned to clinical outcome."

Read the full article by Steve Poile at IPI Magazine


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