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Posted on 15 October 2010

An article focussing on building public speaking into your marketing plan; Current Partnering sourced as a recommended site for partnering events... 

Article name: 'Five ways to build public speaking into your marketing plan'

Written by: Rachel Meranus for Entrepreneur.com


"Here are five tips for targeting -- and capitalizing on -- speaking opportunities:

1. Identify relevant conferences in advance: Most conferences have long lead times for speaker submission deadlines, so it's crucial to begin the process of identifying relevant conferences early. There are subscription services that search for relevant conferences based on any number of variables such as industry, geographic location, size and date.

If you don't want to pay for a subscription service, a simple web search will return numerous sites that list conferences for various industries. A few recommended sites include:

Additionally, many media outlets host conferences, so it's worthwhile to browse the websites of the top trade publications in your industry to identify opportunities.

A little digging is often needed to find speaker submission guidelines and deadlines as this information is not always posted on the conference website. Also, some conferences change dates from year to year, so you can't depend on the schedule from years past."

Read the full article at Entrepreneur.com

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