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Warner Chilcott in Amendment to Actonel collaboration with Sanofi-Aventis

Posted on 05 April 2010

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Warner Chilcott will take full operational control over the promotion, marketing and R&D decisions for Actonel in the United States and Puerto Rico, and will assume responsibility for all associated costs relating to those activities. Prior to the amendment, Warner Chilcott shared such costs with sanofi-aventis in these territories. In return, sanofi-aventis will receive, as part of the global collaboration payments between the parties, collaboration payments from Warner Chilcott based on an agreed upon percentage of U.S. and PR net sales for the remainder of the term of the collaboration agreement, which expires at the end of 2014. As part of the amendment, a number of sales representatives currently promoting Actonel for sanofi-aventis in the United States are expected to join the Warner Chilcott sales force.

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